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Our experience with Rachael has been wonderful! Her upbeat and friendly demeanor posited with her use of concrete materials has really helped us connect in each and every session. We often find ourselves applying the things we learned in our sessions in our daily lives together. Rachael sets up the appointments perfectly as a jumping off point for conversations and change in our real-world relationship. We would definitely recommend Rachael to any couple looking to dive deeper and connect more with each other and themselves!

I would definitely recommend Rachael!! She has certainly been a life saver and has helped me so much. She knows how I’m feeling without me being able to voice it, and she really truly tries to get to know her clients and make them feel cared about. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without her, and even though I haven’t been seeing her for very long, she’s helped me more than any long-term therapist I’ve had in the past. Thank you for all you do Rach, you’re the best!!!:)

After the consultation to determine if we were a good fit or not, which I found to be essential to the entirety of the process, Rachael made it a point to get to know me, not by just asking the necessary questions, but by engaging in conversation that allowed me to open up at times without even realizing I was doing it. She referred me to resources that she believed I would benefit from, helped me(still) to find answers to questions sometimes that I already had, sometimes that I needed to be guided towards. Her attention to detail about me as a person lets me know that yes, this “no pulled punches” style is what works for me, and although I have only my point of view, that same attention to detail would allow me to recommend her to anybody, because she would apply the same attention to detail to find what works for you. If it turned out you two(or three) weren’t the perfect fit, she would tell you that too, because she would want the best outcome for the person, regardless if she was the one to drive it.

I’ve seen about 11 therapists in my life, and I can say, without a doubt, that Rachael is the first to make me feel like I have a partner in my mental health and growth. I started seeing her in the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, and I owe a lot of my newfound resilience to her! She’s helped me with everything from relationship and sexual issues, to past trauma, to what’s happening in the here and now. She is supportive, straightforward, and truly a joy to work with.

Rachael has an uncanny ability to be professional but personable, educational but not preachy, and always offers solutions pragmatically. I would highly recommend her for anyone who wants to address their problems head-on and not procrastinate working on their mental health or other emotional predicaments. From previous experience with former therapists, there is sometimes an unspoken acknowledgement of how clinical the session is, creating a air of uneasiness. This has never occurred with Rachael. Every session she conducts always goes at a pace that puts my comfortability first. I have a very sorted and complex history, which can be overwhelming to address. Rachael has patiently and diligently helped me tackle one issue at a time. Throughout our sessions, she conveys her analysis of a specific problem with helpful analogies that puts everything into perspective for me. Other times, she will reference scholarly work. Rachael’s ability to adapt to my mood, past traumas, current hardships while simultaneously providing feedback is something that I truly have not seen from other clinicians and it does not go unnoticed.

Rachael is such a passionate, wonderful, and amazing therapist that makes her clients feel really comfortable in the flow of conversation, and what topics the they bring up to discuss!! I am honestly SO GRATEFUL that she happened to have a spot open up in October of 2019, and she’s been HANDS DOWN the BEST therapist I’ve ever had!!! (And I’ve had MANY…trust me!) I have made an immense amount of progress in life, and feel like a completely different, and more confident person since I started going to Rachael Farina for therapy!!! I always look forward to our sessions, and I trust her completely to always be upfront and honest with me in how she helps me as her client, and she truly goes ABOVE and BEYOND in her approach to aiding her clients in living a better life, so that they can thrive instead of diving back downwards into whatever negative reasons that they decided to go to her! Again, I am INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to have her as my therapist, and I would recommend her to ANYONE!!! (That says a lot, because I generally never recommend any of my past therapists or psychologists to anyone! Rachael is one of the best in my eyes, and she could definitely be the right fit for you!!!)

I would highly recommend Rachael for therapy. She has a lot of experience and is very knowledgeable. She is enthusiastic, supportive and genuinely cares. She celebrates my wins and reminds me of what is important. Rachael has been so helpful to me in my journey and I am grateful that she is my therapist.

Rachael’s approach to therapy has truly been life-changing! I have learned so many new ways of thinking about situations and processing events and I feel like I understand myself so much better.

I’ve never seen a therapist before, so when I first met with Rachael I wasn’t sure what to expect. She quickly put my nerves to ease and welcomes you into each session with a warm smile. Rachael makes it easy to have conversations about feelings, which is all new for me. My experience so far has been nothing but positive and I’ve already recommended her to several people.

Rachael has been an incredibly effective therapist. She provides concrete tools and genuinely cares about her clients. I have been so fortunate to benefit from her expertise.

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