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Lawrence, S. E., Walters, T. L., Clark, A. N., Zhang, Y., Hanna-Walker, V., Farina, R. E., & Lefkowitz, E. S. (2021). LGBTQ+ college students’ engagement in COVID-protective and COVID-risk behaviors. Emerging Adulthood.

Weaver, S., & Farina, R. (2020). Blessings and burdens: Reconceptualizing family rituals to include consideration of human and economic costs, Family focus, 83, 8-9.

Farina, R. E. (in press). Wedding venues. J. Hartenstein (Ed.), Marriage and divorce in America: Issues, trends, and controversies. ABC-CLIO.

Farina, R. E. (in press). Pornography. J. Hartenstein (Ed.), Marriage and divorce in America: Issues, trends, and controversies. ABC-CLIO.

Media Coverage

Mental Health and LGBTQ+ Adult Performers: Interview with XBIZ World Magazine (November 2021 Issue)

UConn Researcher Finds Family Support Key to LGBTQ+ Student Wellbeing During Pandemic. UConn Today.

CT Destigmatized – Rachael Farina, LMFT, ADS. Interview with Moses Farrow, LMFT,


Walters, T. L., Hanna-Walker, V., Clark, A. N., Farina, R. E., & Lefkowitz, E. S. (2021, November). LGBTQ+ couples’ relationships during COVID-19 [Paper presentation]. Society for the Study of Emerging Adulthood Virtual Conference.

Farina, R. E. (2021, November). Let’s talk about pornography: A resource for parents of adolescents. [Brief communication]. Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, Virtual.

Lefkowitz, E. S., Zhang, Y., Clark, A. N, Farina, R. E., Hanna-Walker, V., Walters, T. L., & Lawrence, S. E. (2021, April). Parental relationship quality, social support, and LGBTQ+ students’ stress during the COVID-19 pandemic. In E. S. Lefkowitz (Chair), Individual and family functioning in vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 pandemic [Paper presentation]. Society for Research in Child Development, Virtual.

Weaver, S. & Farina, R. E. (2020, November). Family rituals as blessings and burdens: Reconceptualizing theory and research on family rituals to include examination of human and economic costs [Paper presentation]. National Council on Family Relations, Virtual.

Farina, R. (2020, June). The effects of pornography use on relational satisfaction in heterosexual adults [Poster presentation]. American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists, Palm Springs, CA. (canceled due to Coronavirus)

Farina, R. (2017, October). The effects of sex therapy and sexual interventions on relational satisfaction in heterosexual couples [Poster presentation]. New England Psychological Association, Newton, MA.

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